Private clinics and Hospitals ordered to re-open. But how?

India TV reported that Union Home Ministry on Monday directed all states at union territories to open up private clinics, hospitals and nursing homes. This directive is intended to help India's healthcare system restart. The decision taken by our Government is appropriate and timely however re-opening must not happen without added safety and precautions. Doctors and Patients cannot go back to seeing each other unless there is an added layer of safety that ensure peace of mind for both. After 26/11, malls, hotels and more all had to install metal detectors and x-ray scanners to ensure safety for all of us. After 23/3, clinics, hospitals and more must adopt the same to combat the Corona Virus "terrorist". Think of DIGIShield as the metal detector or x-ray. Can we imagine a world where we walk into a mall or a hotel without being screened? Why should Doctors and Patients expose themselves to COVID-19 when there is an alternative? Install DIGIShield and protect yourself now!

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